Get Free of Charge Access to Your Bourse Technology Sponsored by one of The Premium Liquidity Providers.

Connectivity to one of Your Bourse Premium Liquidity Providers, all the essential bridging, order execution and reporting technology at no additional cost.

What’s included?

Matching Engine
Premium LP Connectivity
MT4 Bridge/MT5 Gateway
Real time logs (System and FIX)
250 symbols of your choice
Hosting of YB Infrastructure
Customisable real time reporting via Trade Blotter
Email support with 48h guaranteed response time
1 billion of notional volume (A-Book and/or B-book)

What’s an MT4 Bridge/MT5 Gateway and Your Bourse Matching Engine?

Bridge top line
Bridge back side
Bridge front side
Bridge bottom line
The Your Bourse trade blotter is a fully customisable trade database available in real time to view all of the institutional flow and execution. The trade blotter provides a 360 view on the flow that is being passed on, internalized or matched within the central order book. Don’t miss a single tick of data and create custom filters and reporting rules on the corporate or account level. The preselected data can be then pushed to SFTP or sent via email with the help of a user-friendly scheduler.
Allowing you to filter through the FIX logs and parse the FIX messages to be viewed in a human friendly format.

Why do I need this?

Executing your clients' trades via the bridge on the execution engine with a Liquidity Provider will protect you from latency arbitrage, off-market quotes, and abusive traders. It will also allow you to manage your trading flow more effectively.

Connecting a real market price feed and adopting a hybrid model by routing certain trades to the Liquidity Providers significantly improve the profitability of retail brokers, especially during challenging times.

Premium Liquidity Providers

The Premium Liquidity Providers are best-of-breed financial institutions with superior fill rates and execution statistics, advanced deposit methods, impressive ranges of asset classes and symbols, and impeccable reputations.
Alchemy Prime
Alchemy Prime offers customised multi-asset liquidity and execution services, world-class technology, and institutional risk management services for institutional clients. Their clients can benefit from single and direct access to Tier 1 and Tier 2 liquidity venues and boost their business with unmatched levels of technology, depths of liquidity, speed of execution, professional support with full transparency and trading anonymity at ultra-competitive trading costs across a wide range of products including FX, Precious Metals, Index CFDs, Futures CFDs, Single Stock CFDs, and much more.
Match-Prime works exclusively with professional and institutional clients. Its bespoke offer for Forex and other CFD Brokers combines deep, multi-asset liquidity for over 2,000 instruments with ultra-fast connectivity, low spreads, negative balance protection, and low latency connectivity. Match-Prime’s liquidity solution is integrated with the most popular trading platforms and distribution systems, which makes it easily accessible for Forex and CFDs Brokers worldwide. It is built upon the advanced institutional trading platform Match-Trader PRO renowned for its speed and reliability.
IXO Prime stands as a premier liquidity provider, specializing in delivering institutional-level liquidity to professional clients. As a globally recognized brokerage, INFINOX has cultivated active partnerships and a robust clientele worldwide. Since its establishment in 2009, IXO Prime has consistently strengthened its position in the market. IXO Prime's unwavering focus remains on providing exceptional service to its clients and fostering enduring partnerships with its associates.
Scope Prime
Scope Prime is a multi-asset liquidity provider with a global network of regulated offices. Scope Prime aims to serve an ever-changing industry by offering a wide range of products including CFDs, FX, cash equities and DMA CFD stocks. Scope Prime prioritizes its responsibility to its continuously growing client base by targeting the emerging markets it feels are currently underserved by the wider financial community. By providing the products and services its clients need, this enhances Scope Prime's focus on becoming an all-in-one financial powerhouse, allowing it to cater to all.
Zenfinex provides superior liquidity solutions, specifically designed for the brokerage industry. They are dedicated to empowering partner brokers with state-of-the-art technology and institutional-grade resources. Zenfinex ensures competitive pricing and robust platforms, enabling its partners to offer top-tier trading experiences to their clients. By partnering with Zenfinex, brokers can access innovative solutions that emphasize reliability, scalability, and an optimal user experience. Zenfinex is dedicated to creating a supportive and collaborative environment, enabling brokers to expand their services and meet their clients' diverse trading needs, while contributing to their growth and development in the financial trading industry.

How it works?

#1 Step
Register a Your Bourse Freemium Account by filling out the form
#2 Step
Choose a Premium Liquidity Provider and send an account request from the Your Bourse Portal
#3 Step
Your Bourse account with all the symbols will be activated by the LP
#4 Step
Download the MT4 Bridge/MT5 Gateway and install it on your MetaTrader
Start trading and optimising your flow and profitability
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